IT Project Management

IT Project Management

IT Project Management Consulting Services

We pride ourselves on offering a custom project management service that helps our clients in specifying their options, specifying their project requirements and project delivery management– we would be sure your trusted advisor.

We offer high calibre project teams for complex projects of all sizes. This varies from providing integrated multi-skilled teams to appointing single project managers.

Look out for the Flaws of a Troubled Project!

We help you identify the Red Flags of your project so you can put attention to them:

  • The project is over budget.
  • The project is constantly behind the schedule.
  • Low quality of the output (solution with defects).
  • High technical debt.
  • Project scope creeps.
  • The project team has poor communication.
  • Low project development transparency.

Velocity Lab Offers you a Perfect Project Management Approach:

We analyse your project development status (whether it is at the planning stage or developing) and the issues you face to focus our consulting engagement on your pain points & assure that your return from our services is tangible. We offer you the following:

Project assessment

  • Examining your project goals, targeted budget and required timeframes, communication and workflows.
  • Estimating resource demands and availability.
  • Carry out a feasibility study.
  • Analysing project risks and building risk mitigation plans.
  • Interviewing project participants.

Project resource management

  • Allocation of resources to project tasks as per the skillset of employees, planning multi-project resource allocation if required.
  • Creating a project staffing plan.
  • Elaborating on an optimal communication progression scheme.
  • Employing micro-teams to accomplish project milestones.

Project planning

  • Deciding on high-level solution architecture & functional scope.
  • Roadmapping the development with the breakdown into tasks, deliverables and work phases.
  • Assessing project time & cost.
  • Scheduling the project implementation sequence.
  • Selecting the right project management methodology (Kanban, Scrum, etc).

Project control

  • Exploring project deviations from the budget or timeline and applying an exigence plan to acclimate a project implementation plan to the transformed context.
  • Defining assessable KPIs for the complete project & for milestones to have progressed the project under control.

Project Management Consulting Deliverables

PM instruments

  • Suggested project management software (we can modify, set it up on demand and grant preliminary user training).
  • Project KPI templates and KPI system.
  • Traceability matrix for the requirements.

Supporting PM documentation

  • Description of project implementation approach and chosen PM methodology.
  • Estimated project scope, budgets and risks.
  • A project management plan.
  • Optimal project schedule.
  • Comprehensive project timeline estimates & breakdown into deliverables, work phases, and activities.
  • Schedule or Scheme for optimal resource allocation all through the project.

Established processes for

  • Quality assurance (QA).
  • Formalization of requirements.
  • Project communication, comprising project performance reporting.
  • Continuous delivery and continuous integration.
  • Constant project performance valuation & improvement.
  • Release and deployment management.
  • Vendor management, in the case of multi-sourcing.
  • Proactive risk management.

Why Our Project Management Consulting is Commendable?

End-to-end support in Consulting

If it’s needed, we carry out constant consulting during the project, presenting gradual progression improvements, analysing and monitoring their success and providing process adjustments.

Measurable value

We outline target KPIs in cooperation with our clients and devise our PM consulting services around these targets. These KPIs may be related to the business results from software quality, PM approach improvement, or project costs and development speed.

Proficiency in Software development 

Apart from that, we offer end-to-end project implementation and can help you with the lacking competencies.

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