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Explore About Afterproperties App.

Follow the below steps and get many features and tools that give you many benefits.

  • Step 1

    Register with Mobile Number

    Insert mobile number to get registered with the app and then fill the following details:

    You need to fill:
    • Name
    • Email id
    • Gender etc.
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  • Step 2

    List Your Property

    Once you logged in, you need to list your properties.

    You will need to:
    • Choose owned or rented
    • Select Property category
    • Select commercial type
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  • Step 3

    Manage Properties

    After listing the properties, you only need to manage property from time to time.

    You get options for:
    • Maintenance
    • Staff
    • Leaving history etc.
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Find Everything in App

All you want for your property management is here in a single app. Get multiple features with a multi-tasking environment including tenant management, property management, document management, integrated bill payments, payment & remainders etc. Once you install this app on your phone, you can rest assured that everything will be done with some clicks.

Easy way to manage your properties

AfterProperties is a leading property management app that does the best for the owners of residential and association properties to organize every aspect of their business, including rent, vacancy, and maintenance cycle. It modernizes the management with fundamental features such as a tenant, full general ledger accounting, lease tracking, on-demand reports, late fee reminders, and automated rent.

How to Use AfterProperties App

AfterProperties is the best property management mobile app that helps landlords and owners work remotely and access data wherever they want through their smartphones. All you need is just download and install the application on your device. After that sign-up or register your property and fill out the basic details. That’s it, start using it.

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